Can Drug Withdrawal Cause a Stroke?

Find Out if Drug Withdrawal Can Cause a Stroke For anyone with a substance use disorder (SUD), the question of whether drug withdrawal can cause a stroke is a serious concern. As individuals struggle with a sometimes life-threatening addiction, the idea of stopping suddenly is daunting, both physically and psychologically. Understanding how drug withdrawal affects … Read more

What are the 12 Steps of AA?

An In-Depth Look at AA’s 12 Steps Founded in the 1930s by Bill Wilson, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has stood the test of time as the gold standard in recovery. What sets AA apart from other modes of treatment is its reliance on fellowship, wherein alcoholics help one another. This system creates a sense of community … Read more

When Was Alcoholics Anonymous Founded?

What Is the History of Alcoholics Anonymous? Many Americans struggle with crippling alcohol use disorder (AUD). Fortunately, if you are dealing with alcohol addiction, help is available. One option is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), an organization that is known all around the world for providing much-needed support to people dealing with alcohol addiction. Following is what … Read more

12 Step Program for Atheists

Everything You Need to Know About 12-Step Programs for Atheists Since 1935, one of the most well-known methods of dealing with addiction has been 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. With their focus on progress and community, this group can provide a valuable sense of support. However, some people in recovery find that certain parts of … Read more

Why Alcoholics Anonymous Works

Alcoholics Anonymous: Why It Works People struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD) have several treatment options at their fingertips. There are psychotherapy treatments, medications, support groups, and more. A popular support group is Alcoholics Anonymous, commonly known as AA. What makes AA popular, and why does it seem to work for so many people? Here, … Read more

What are Fentanyl Exposure Symptoms

Exposure Symptoms Related to Fentanyl The opioid overdose epidemic in the United States began in the 1990s. During the first wave, most opioid deaths caused by overdose were attributed to medications prescribed by healthcare providers. By 2010, heroin overdoses outpaced prescription opioid overdoses by a significant margin. The third wave, which began in 2013, was … Read more

Can Cocaine Cause Pancreatitis?

Can Cocaine Use Lead to Pancreatitis? Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that directly influences the deep structures of the brain. Even moderate cocaine use over a short time can seriously impact decision-making and lead to several poor, if not irreversible, life choices. Developing a tolerance for this illicit drug is hardly difficult, at which … Read more

Can Cocaine Cause a Stroke?

Suffering a Stroke by the Use of Cocaine A recent study suggests that adults may raise their risk of suffering from stroke by up to six-fold every time they use cocaine. The study also asserts that relatively young adults in their 30s and 40s also increase their chances of suffering from the condition when they … Read more

What is Coke Nose

Coke Nose Cocaine has multiple delivery methods that people can use to stimulate its effects on their body and mind, and snorting is one of the most common ways that people use the drug. When someone inhales cocaine, its powerful effects occur within three to five minutes after absorption with 60% of the drug making … Read more

What are 12 Step Meetings?

Understanding 12-Step Meetings and How They Work for Our Clients Sometimes, looking at the larger picture can become intimidating when it comes to the recovery process of addiction to drugs and alcohol. The 12-step meetings break down the process, making it easier for clients to recover one step at a time. Their process can involve … Read more