Our Philosophy

Addiction treatment and recovery is a learning process. Recovery is a new way of life. As a family who has first-hand experience with addiction and recovery, the Daniels understand how to motivate and initiate change with clients. They believe every person is entitled to recovery and, most importantly, can recover. Defining Wellness Centers’ cutting-edge solutions, professional guidance and overall environment of empowerment, provide the necessary tools and support to overcome all forms of addiction and mental health issues.

Justin and Robin Daniels have 20 years of experience operating dual diagnosis treatment programs. They founded Defining Wellness Centers to offer a full continuum of care to those in need of mental health and addiction treatment services. Taking an innovative approach, the team focusses on proven therapeutic methods and innovative techniques and technology.

Rooted in Trauma-Informed Care

The Daniels understand that addiction is often a manifestation of underlying trauma and challenging life experiences. That’s why sobriety is not the singular end-goal for their clients. They want to see people develop an overall feeling of wellness and a sense of purpose. This begins with staff who bring love and compassion to the job every day. They’ve seen addiction and recovery firsthand and have recovered from their own addictions.

Above all, client wellness comes first and is built around a trauma-informed plan of care. For example, many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which needs to be treated separately from substance addiction. Getting sober is only half the battle. Trauma is stored in the brain and body. Issues of trust, anger and fear keep people from being their authentic selves. They’re usually stuck in a cycle of fight, flight or freeze and wear many masks to hide their pain. Oftentimes, cognitive therapies don’t typically work on trauma because these people have learned to detach from their feelings. 

Wellness is an active process of making healthy choices toward a fulfilling life. Each client is guided through a dynamic process of change and growth in order to define what works for his or her individual needs, while keeping in mind the needs of their loved ones.

For some it’s healthy eating and exercise, for others it’s engaging in ongoing, one-on-one or group therapy. Alternatively, some clients find a deep sense of healing through experiential treatments using art, music, adventure or equine therapy, meditation or practicing mindfulness. There is no one path to wellness. We understand that the greatest wealth we have is our health. That’s why our programs assist clients in defining wellness for themselves, which supports them in achieving their long-term recovery goals.

Don’t give up on yourself, or your loved ones. We know recovery is possible for everyone, no matter what the circumstances.