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The team at Defining Wellness Centers is made up of the brightest and most dedicated individuals in the behavioral health space. Our employees are our best resource, showing passion and purpose for the work that they do. Trained in a trauma-informed, experiential approach, everyone on the team is focused on helping our clients to heal and define wellness.


Justin Daniels

Justin’s life purpose is in helping people to be well in all areas of their lives. His own journey has taken him through addiction and into recovery, and he has found fulfillment in helping others to find their own path to wellness. Justin has owned and operated behavioral health programs for over 10 years, and brings knowledge and experience along with a progressive philosophy to the treatment space. Defining Wellness Centers is a labor of love for him, his wife Robin, and their two sons, Christopher and Cameron.

Robin Daniels, BA

Robin has a background in psychology and education, and owned and operated pre-schools for 20+ years. She and Justin entered the behavioral health space over a decade ago and have owned and operated behavioral health treatment programs in different areas of the country. Robin’s background in education helped to prepare her to work in the behavioral health field, as often mental health diagnoses and learning disabilities go hand-in-hand. She has been able to contribute her knowledge to craft programs that clients can understand and engage in through a variety of mediums, including verbal, visual, and kinesthetic. Her passion for this work can be seen in every detail throughout the facility, and she consistently demands excellence across all aspects of client care.

Executive Team:


As Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Duke Vinson leads all counseling, recovery and business administrative operations. The professional credentials include: Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional (DOT-SAP) and Certified Clinical Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CCAADC). A former marketing executive, Dr. Vinson brings a unique message of hope, help, commitment, enthusiasm and compassion to patients and their families. Following his own successful treatment, Dr. Vinson completed his educational and other requirements to become a behavioral health professional, allowing him to give back to the community. He remains steadfast to his personal recovery to this day.

A valued strategic leader who has led recovery programs in Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, Dr. Vinson brings a wealth of practical know-how, education, and personal and professional experiences to advancing treatment facilities to be the most comprehensive treatment centers.

Katrina Mooney, RNExecutive Nurse/Compliance/Utilization Review

Katrina has over 10 years of detox nursing experience and oversees all nursing, compliance, and utilization review operations for the programs. Prior to her role with Defining Wellness, Katrina was the Director of Nursing for eight years at an inpatient substance use disorder treatment program. She is passionate about providing high-quality care to individuals in the behavioral health space.

Michele McCleary, MBA Vice President of Admissions

Michele has worked in the behavioral health field for 13 years, previously functioning as an Executive Director, VP of Operations, and Regional VP of Admissions. Her goal is to make sure that each client finds the help that they need and that their family members and loved ones are supported throughout the treatment process. Quality care starts before a client admits to the facility, and Michele provides guidance and assistance from the first phone call to after a client discharges from treatment.


Allyn Resch, MD

Dr. Resch utilizes functional and integrative medicine to treat clients’ medical needs. She completed her residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in pulmonary/critical care, where she was All Star Resident, Chief Resident, and Chief Fellow. Dr. Resch has worked with the VA and has spent much of her career dedicated to aiding veterans in receiving the care that they need. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine and is licensed in Mississippi, Oregon, Maine, and Illinois. Dr. Resch is passionate about working with clients through holistic medicine to identify and treat underlying conditions. Her detox experience lends to her ability to help clients safely and comfortably withdrawal from the substances they’ve used. Dr. Resch meets with clients on an ongoing basis throughout their stay to help them achieve their medical and physical goals.

Carrie Gholston, NP-Psych, RN Director of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner

Carrie has a BA and an MS in Nursing/Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from University of Mississippi. She has worked in both hospitals and wellness settings and brings both personal and professional knowledge to behavioral health. She is active in the recovery community and animal rescue organizations, having helped establish Rescue Revolution of Mississippi.

Lisa Berry, RN

Lisa has worked in behavioral health settings in both hospital and residential locations for over 20 years. Well versed in psychiatric and addiction nursing, she collaborates with clients to make sure they’re receiving the care they need while in treatment.

Patty Burrow, RN

Patty has worked in a variety of medical settings and has 20+ years of nursing experience. She works with clients to ensure they are medically safe and stable throughout the entirety of their stay.

Gretta Ingram, RN

Gretta has over 25 years of nursing experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices. Her experience in different areas of nursing allow her to connect with clients, identify their needs and provide excellent medical care.

Rochelle Smith, LPN

Rochelle’s experience in detox nursing provides her excellent insight into anticipating the client’s medical needs. She works closely with each client to assess their situation and provide medical services as needed.

Jamie Thompson, DHA, MSN, RN

With over 25 years of experience, Jamie has worked in many areas of healthcare. She utilizes evidence-based practices for positive clinical outcomes for all of our clients, providing them a safe medical detox.


Zach Therapist

Porter McKee, LCSW Therapist

Porter has worked in the behavioral health treatment field for 25+ years. His focus has been on substance use disorder treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He specializes in working with active military service members and veterans through a variety of clinical approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Medical Model, Experiential Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Jacquie Taylor Therapist

Jacquie takes a trauma-informed approach to treatment, utilizing therapeutic approaches such as EMDR and mindfulness. She works with clients to explore how their idea of spirituality can be utilized as an aid to recovery and wellness. She also focuses on codependency and how to help clients and their loved ones develop healthier relationships with one another.

Keoni Enlow Adventure Coordinator

Keoni provides adventure activities for clients and is certified in building low ropes courses and facilitating both low ropes and high ropes activities. He is passionate about recovery and utilizing his adventure skills and training to help those in treatment to heal and find wellness.

Administration & Business Development:

Carver Brown Business Development & Alumni Services

Carver is proud to be a part of Defining Wellness Centers. He assists clients and their families navigate the world of early recovery and develop aftercare plans to enhance their recovery outcomes. Carver also travels the country conducting Back to Basics seminars taking thousands through the Steps for 12 Step fellowships, including addiction treatment centers and recovery groups. He serves on the Board of Directors of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS). He is a certified Recovery Coach Trainer with the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and is a Structured Family Recovery Counselor as well as a Love First Interventionist.

Todd Thompson, BA Business Development

Todd graduated from MSU with a degree in psychology. He is an active member in the local recovery community and is extremely knowledgeable about MS substance abuse treatment resources. In 2005, Todd began working with Life Interventions as an interventionist, placing clients in an appropriate level of care on a case by case basis. He opened Arch Recovery Network in 2018 to further his efforts and assist first responders with crisis calls pertaining to behavioral & mental health needs. Through his work, he also facilitates educational programs and services for municipal court offenders and Mississippi drug courts. He enjoys discussions about where science and spirituality meet.

Cameron Daniels Business Development

Cameron has many years of experience in the behavioral health field and is passionate about utilizing his knowledge to drive his purpose for helping others. He functions in a dual role and spends time interfacing with both treatment professionals and Defining Wellness clients. Cameron’s goal is that each client has a transformative experience while in treatment so that they can truly begin to heal and move forward in a life of wellness.

Amanda Bernardino, BS Executive Assistant

Amanda has a background in human resources, compliance, marketing, real estate, and finance and uses her organizational skills to keep things running smoothly at Defining Wellness. She is a self-professed Excel queen and manages human resource functions, coordinates schedules, and aids in marketing and compliance.


Ron Brown Executive Chef

When you ask him, Ron will tell you that food is his life. He’s incredibly passionate about the artistry of his craft and loves to bring people together over a shared meal. Originally from New York, he blends culinary styles together to create dishes that are influenced by his past and his present. Ron has been in the food industry for over 30 years and takes into consideration each client’s dietary restrictions, likes, and dislikes, and offers a menu that is desirable for all. He loves experimenting with different cooking styles and frequently delivers options that are keto, gluten-free, etc., creating new recipes that have quickly become facility favorites.

Chris Daniels

Chris has been spending time in kitchens since he was a child, always creating new dishes and experimenting with different flavors. Having spent some time in Asia, his dishes are often inspired by the culinary experiences he had there. He also enjoys cooking Mexican and Spanish food and loves to provide nourishing, delicious meals. Chris believes that no matter what type of day you’re having, a good meal always makes it a little bit better.

Cotina Kitchens

Cotina has worked in the culinary field for several years, and aids in meal prep, cooking, serving, preparing special orders, and dishwashing. She helps to keep the kitchen organized and efficient, and always has a smile for everyone she sees.


Beth Fisher, BS Wellness Coach

With a background in education, Beth taught interactive math and sciences for a number of years. She has always utilized experiential techniques to teach her students and brings that same energy and excitement to her role at Defining Wellness. Her motto is inspired by the Benjamin Franklin quote, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Beth became more interested over the years in physical health and how it impacts one’s mental wellness and struggled with her own health journey for several years. As a result of professional interest and personal experience, she struck out on a new career path and puts her passion to purpose at Defining Wellness. Beth spends her days helping people get to the root cause of whatever health issues they’re dealing with and utilizing natural approaches to aid in healing.

Client Support Staff:

Carter Daniels

Carter enjoys interacting and working with clients to facilitate different groups and activities. He’s passionate about helping clients and creating a positive treatment experience.

Parker Bullock

Parker puts his people skills to good use in his interactions with clients. He facilitates groups and activities, such as 12-Step meetings, personal inventory groups, drumming circles, music groups, and more. He enjoys engaging with clients and helping them to make progress.

Leslie Golden

Leslie supports clients through a variety of activities, including facilitating groups and activities on-site. She is passionate about helping clients as they begin to navigate early recovery

Savannah Moore

Savannah has experience working in inpatient behavioral health settings, which has aided her in her work at Defining Wellness. She supports client groups and activities and ensures a safe environment in which clients can begin their healing journey.

Joey Reynolds

Joey has a background in behavioral health/IDD settings and provides client support functions. He coordinates and carries out different activities and events for clients to engage in.

Maddie Inzinna

Maddie has worked in behavioral health and substance abuse treatment settings and is passionate about helping those in treatment have a safe place to begin getting well. She utilizes an experiential approach in her interactions with clients and facilitates groups and activities.

Lorinda Tomlinson, AA, CPSS

Lorinda has been working in the behavioral health field for several years and is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and a MANDT (de-escalation techniques) trainer. She supports clients throughout treatment and facilitates groups and activities.


Cynthia Lyles

Vickie Lyles

Gabbi Townley

Rena Trader

Our wonderful housekeeping team keeps the facility clean and orderly on a daily basis. They work tirelessly to make sure that the facility is always in perfect shape. Their endeavors provide a beautiful space for staff to work and in which clients can engage in treatment.

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