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About | Unparalleled Clinical ExperienceYears of Proven Recovery

Our story is probably similar to many of yours. We’ve fought our own addiction battles, mental health diagnoses and traumas in order to come out stronger, healthier and whole. We’re aware that addiction and mental health is not a singular experience. While an addict fights to get clean, his or her loved ones fight alongside them. Defining Wellness Centers was designed to aid that effort in every way possible.

Justin and Robin Daniels have almost 20 years of experience operating dual diagnosis treatment programs. They founded Defining Wellness Centers near Jackson, Mississippi to offer a full continuum of care to those in need of mental health and addiction treatment services. Taking an innovative approach to treatment, the program and team focus on proven therapeutic methods and innovative techniques.

About | Start your path toward a recovered and fulfilled life Holding Your Hand Along the Journey

The need to go to addiction rehab is an unfortunate reality for many, but the experience doesn’t have to be negative. What got someone to the point that they need treatment is never a pretty story, however, the journey moving forward can inspire hope and instill confidence in oneself that recovery is possible. Defining Wellness Centers offers medical detox, residential, intensive outpatient and monitoring services for a full continuum of care.

Our evidence-based therapeutic treatment combines knowledgeable and compassionate licensed clinicians with board-certified addictionologists and psychiatrists to provide exceptional programming. The treatment team was designed to include licensed therapists with degrees and certifications in addiction, trauma, marriage and family therapy, psychodrama, art therapy and music therapy. Every element of the Defining Wellness facility and program was hand-picked by the founders, Justin and Robin Daniels. From the design and layout to the paint colors on the walls, the floor tiles and the furniture, the Daniels’ selected it all for optimum comfort and to promote an environment geared toward healing. They have vetted every member of the treatment team to ensure that their compassionate approach, mission, vision and values are delivered to each client receiving care.

About | Thrive in a beautiful private setting Recovery & Southern Hospitality

Located in the heart of the warm and welcoming South, the property sits amidst the stately trees of the pine belt. The Defining Wellness Centers inpatient residential campus is a true oasis for healing. Just off of a scenic reservoir showcasing 100 miles of stunning shoreline, the beautiful property showcases lush greenery and the fresh scent of pine. Hiking trails abound and clients can enjoy fishing in the on-campus pond. On the quad, you’ll find a labyrinth, peaceful pavilions, a fire pit and a lovely space in which to enjoy nature and begin the process of restoring yourself. The property is private and allows clients to focus on themselves and their healing process. Everything is designed to support rejuvenation, including a nutritious culinary experience, prepared by our fantastic Chef and his skilled team. Daily schedules eliminate anxiety about what’s next, providing a treatment services map for clients to follow. We utilize biotechnology to assist our clients while in our program and beyond. The biofeedback program, Brainpaint, along with a variety of other biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence-based technologies are utilized to help clients better emotionally regulate. This supports earlier adoption and implementation of the evidence-based therapeutic treatment techniques offered by Defining Wellness Centers.

Our vision is to support clients in their overall wellness, including physical fitness. We have an on-site fitness center available, featuring an indoor basketball court, weight room with cardio equipment, and Yoga classes. Outside you’ll find volleyball courts, a pickleball court, and a putting green. Clients have access to a game room to engage with one another and learn how to have fun while sober. It’s amazing the outcomes that arise from having simple, silly fun without the aid of substances.

About | connect with your inner spirit Spirituality is Often an Important
Part of the Healing Process

Spirituality comprises something bigger than ourselves – a universal human experience that touches us all. Whether you choose to engage in acts of service as a form of spiritual connection or want to reconnect with or strengthen your religious faith, we will support you. Our on-site chapel provides a peaceful space in which to reflect and renew your connection to your spirituality. We also offer non-denominational church services for those who wish to attend. Faith in yourself and your ability to find wellness is important and positive reinforcement can be found in spiritual engagement.

About | Defining WellnessHolistic Healing Coupled with Individualized Counseling

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s engaging in a dynamic process of change and growth in order to define what works for you and your loved ones. This can include a variety of different methods – for some it’s a healthy diet and exercise, for others it’s engaging in ongoing therapy, and for someone else it may be meditating and practicing mindfulness. The beautiful thing is that there is no one path to wellness – it’s based on you and your needs. Defining Wellness Centers recognizes that and embraces it. The greatest wealth you will ever have is your health and our programs guide you in defining wellness for yourself so that you can begin achieving your goals.Call us today at (855) 466-4146 and learn how our team can help you get your life back.

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