Family Program at Defining Wellness

mississippi addiction family therapy programUnderstanding, compassion, wellness and balance are what we strive to give our clients while they are in treatment at Defining Wellness. The Family Program at Defining Wellness is designed to help family members and loved ones understand addiction and mental health issues and bring about hope and change. Addiction is a powerful force that has brought about disappointment, anger, hurt, shame and fear, not only for the client in treatment, but also for their loved ones. Family members need and deserve an opportunity to begin the healing process, as well as feel more confident and be able to support their loved one as they move along in the treatment process. The program allows loved ones and the client to begin to learn effective communication and ways to support one another and a healthy family dynamic.

Components of the Family Program

Psycho-education: Gaining knowledge about addiction, mental health disorders, trauma, family systems and healthy communication.

Interactive Communication skills: Participants are taught to use healthy communication skills and language.

Experiential Groups and Activities: Using a family therapy framework, the participants are able to begin to share concerns, boundaries, and hopes for the future. The client and families begin to internalize new ways of interacting and this process brings about motivation for change and ultimately hope and healing.

Family Group Process: A group composed of different families normalizes the struggles of families with addiction and mood disorders. Participants can learn from each other and be able to share their feelings and hopes for the future.

Individual attention: Family sessions and aftercare for the family are set up as needed to facilitate their loved one’s return to their home environment.

Family Program Schedule:

The Family Program Workshop is Scheduled Once a Month and is a 2-Day Event. 

Thursday – 6:00pm-9:00pm (Ridgeland Campus) Snacks Provided

Friday – 8:30am-5:00pm (Brandon Campus) Lunch Provided (Please dress comfortably and wear shoes to accommodate outdoor activity if weather permits)

Please note that attendance on all days is required to promote continuity and cohesion for the group. We also ask that all participants are vaccinated or a recent negative Covid test.

Directions & Hotel recommendations will be listed on the registration form. A link to registration will be provided by treatment staff of Defining Wellness. There is no charge for the workshop and is part of the treatment for your loved one at Defining Wellness.