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When someone leaves an inpatient treatment program and is living their life outside of a safe environment, outpatient treatment is very helpful in supporting their early days in recovery. When one departs the safety of a closed, secure residential treatment center, they’re suddenly surrounded by people, places and things that can be worrisome and overwhelming. Utilizing outpatient treatment to maintain sobriety and overall health can be the determining factor in a smooth transition.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

At Defining Wellness Centers, we proudly offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that is specifically designed to provide a structured yet flexible approach to addiction recovery. Our IOP is held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6-9 pm, allowing participants to integrate treatment into their daily lives without significant disruption. Over the course of this 10-week program, clients engage in a series of group sessions, fostering a supportive community environment. Additionally, our program includes a weekly individual therapy session, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and care tailored to their unique journey. This blend of group interaction and individual support is key to addressing the diverse needs and challenges our clients face, setting a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is more involved than traditional outpatient programs. IOP programming is comprised of 10 clinical hours per week. Clients attend group sessions three days per week for three hours each and also have an individual or family therapy session. When transitioning from an inpatient environment, IOP is a great stepping stone. Clients continue to receive significant support while engaging in day-to-day activities, like working, spending time with loved ones, and embracing their substance-free lives.

Upon admission to the Defining Wellness Centers IOP program, our clinical team assesses each client to collaboratively develop a treatment plan. We identify areas of strength and weakness along with clinical needs that require continued attention. Navigating the early days of recovery requires time and attention and our licensed clinicians support our clients through a variety of modalities and techniques. Relapse prevention is a large part of IOP programming, as is identifying triggers and plans to deal with them when they arise. Clients may struggle with things that didn’t impact them while in inpatient rehab and need to work through them with their therapist. This can be frustrations with a job, concern about seeing old friends, how to handle a celebratory event where alcohol will be present, etc. Our team addresses these scenarios in both group sessions and individual sessions, making sure that our clients are prepared.

Peer support can be a large part of figuring out how to live life sober, and our clients have a built-in peer group in IOP treatment. Meeting and engaging with individuals who are going through a similar situation can be extremely positive – clients have the chance to learn from one another and support one another. This is extremely beneficial when someone has already successfully faced a challenging scenario that someone else is about to experience. Leaning on these healthy relationships can provide much relief and can become a source of strength.

I Didn’t Go To Inpatient Treatment – Can I Still Admit To An IOP Program?

If someone didn’t go through inpatient treatment but has a desire to get sober and live a life free from substances, Defining Wellness Centers IOP program is a great option. Our licensed treatment professionals will conduct an initial assessment to determine whether a client needs a medical detox. If so, we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements so that you can begin our program.

Many people don’t have the time or financial resources to spend in an inpatient setting and we recognize that. We always recommend inpatient treatment when appropriate, but understand that it’s not a possibility for all. When this scenario occurs, we will work with each client to create a treatment plan focused on their needs to navigate recovery while maintaining engagement in one’s day-to-day living situation.

As clients move forward in the IOP treatment program, issues will arise that we will create plans to address. When a person hasn’t had the time spent in inpatient treatment to gain clarity and perspective on their addiction, we identify the necessary objectives to achieve wellness and aid our clients in implementing them. As clients complete the IOP program, they step down to an outpatient program, where they continue to engage in therapy and receive support in a less time-intensive treatment model.

Outpatient Treatment (OP)

Outpatient therapy is a continuation of IOP. Clients can remain working with their primary therapist, receiving reinforcement as they strengthen their recovery. Typically consisting of 90-minute groups two times per week along with an individual session once per week, outpatient treatment is tailored to each individual. The benefits of maintaining a long-term recovery program are well-documented, including significantly higher long-term recovery rates for individuals who participate in an extended treatment program.

As long as one can maintain in treatment and it’s clinically appropriate, they should do so. In the first year of sobriety, there are many hurdles to overcome and having a clinical team at the ready is a beneficial resource. The talented clinical team at Defining Wellness Centers gets to know each client really well, understanding their fears, hopes, and unique challenges. Long-term sustained recovery is possible and the therapeutic team works together to help our clients figure out what works for them. Each person has a different journey to wellness based on their specific situation and needs, and our therapists aid each client as they engage in recovery and discover how to live a healthy life.

General Information

Throughout IOP and OP levels of care, clients will be drug tested and given breathalyzers to establish whether any substances are present in their system and what their blood alcohol content is. Our program is strict and our testing is randomized so that clients are unaware in advance that a test is going to occur. The clinical team helps clients when they feel a lapse or relapse may occur in order to prevent it from happening. Defining Wellness Centers utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities in our outpatient programs, including:

Defining Wellness Outpatient Programs

We’re here for anyone in need of our services, whatever the situation, and will aid in determining the appropriate level of care and creating a plan for each client to find wellness. Our caring, compassionate team provides support and guidance as clients grow as sober, healthy, whole individuals. Outpatient Programming at Defining Wellness Centers sets each client up for long-term success. Following clinical recommendations and implementing strategies and techniques learned in our program will create a foundation for life-lasting sobriety.

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