Our Story

Our Story

Family-owned and operated, Defining Wellness Centers is a true labor of love. My wife Robin and I, along with our children, are deeply passionate about wellness, mental health and addiction treatment. We are a family, dedicated to helping other families.

We created Defining Wellness with two central goals in mind: to share our love, understanding and compassion with clients and to utilize the best health and wellness modalities available today to treat addiction. Our programs are built on a foundation of proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques combined with cutting-edge bio-technological treatments, fitness and experiential learning. Our end goal is to provide the support and tools necessary for people become their best selves through emotional wellness and balance.

Before opening Defining Wellness Centers, Robin and I had been retired for several years. We had owned and operated Clarity Way in Pennsylvania and felt we had fulfilled an important career milestone when we chose to retire. However, we found that we were constantly asked by friends, family, former colleagues and clients, where they should go, or take loved ones, to receive treatment. Additionally, we began to witness addiction issues with our own sons, Christopher and Cameron.

We began to look around for a facility we felt we could recommend to others and consider for our adult children, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We wanted a place that treated the whole individual – body, mind and spirit – not just the symptoms of addiction. We knew that treatment approaches had changed over the years and believed there was a more productive and effective recovery treatment method. But we came to realize, it didn’t exist.

With all of this in mind, we decided to come out of retirement and create Defining Wellness Centers in 2019. The evidence-based technology we incorporate into our centers is second-to-none. We are at the forefront of utilizing neuroscience in our treatment programs which provides a whole new layer of understanding how our brains and bodies work. There is no other treatment center in the country that utilizes the variety and depth of services you will find at Defining Wellness. We understand that every person is different, and recovery programs need to be customized to be truly effective. The more tools we have, the better the outcomes.

A Message From Justin Daniels

We provide a nonjudgmental and positive environment that encourages hope, enlightenment, healing, wellness and freedom. We empower our clients to create balance and control in their lives.

— In Wellness, Justin