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Defining Wellness Centers is a true labor of love. My wife, Robin, and I are deeply passionate about wellness, mental health and addiction treatment. We see this as our life’s work. We believe in this work so deeply, in fact, that we have put our heart and soul into developing an innovative treatment program.

We didn’t want to open up just any ordinary treatment center. After all, there are thousands of them around the country. Instead, we created Defining Wellness with two central goals: to share our love with our clients and to utilize the best modalities available to treat addiction. That’s why our program is built on a foundation of proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques combined with cutting-edge biotechnological modalities. The evidence-based technology we have incorporated into our centers is second to none, and there is no other treatment center in the country that utilizes the modalities we have. While other providers may incorporate pieces of what we utilize, we believe in going “all in” for our own clients. We understand that our clients are all different, so the more tools we have to treat them the better.

Serving our clients is our mission. Sure, every provider says that, but what does it really mean? At Defining Wellness Centers, we know that addiction is a deadly illness and is connected to trauma on a deep level. That’s why we approach treatment from a place of compassion. The root of compassion means to “suffer with.” We believe that love, kindness and seeing our clients from the inside out is the foundation of helping them escape the prison they are in.

We understand that behind their addictive behaviors is an amazing person wanting to escape their pain. As a result, we treat our clients how we would want our loved ones treated. This doesn’t mean that we don’t confront behaviors that are a detriment to our clients and those around them. But it does mean that we approach our correction with compassion. We believe that confrontation without love is simply cruelty. The environment we have created—from the owners to the staff—is one of love, hope and a belief that all can recover.

Our goal is to empower our clients to create balance and control in their lives. Our story has trials and tribulations, as well, but we’ve come out stronger and healthier than ever before. This program was built utilizing the techniques that we employ daily in order to keep ourselves well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We believe they can do the same for you.

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Justin Daniels, Co-Founder, Defining Wellness Centers

Justin Daniels, Co-Founder, Defining Wellness Centers


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