Who We Treat at Defining Wellness Centers

Treatment for Everyone

One thing is certain when it comes to addiction: it does not discriminate. No amount of education, life experience, wealth or even physical health excludes you from the potential of developing an addiction. Society often views substance abuse as an issue that only affects a certain segment of the population – generally people who have faced much adversity and who may struggle with mental illness, for example. But this is simply not true.

Whether you are 18- or 70-years-old, we treat every individual with respect and dignity. You make a brave choice when you decide to change your life for the better.  Oftentimes, it’s not just a life-altering decision, it’s life-saving. Your wellness is our priority and we are fully dedicated to supporting your journey, no matter where you’ve come from or what your addiction (s) may be.

Accessible To All

When we say we are accessible and available to everyone, we mean that in the broadest sense of the word. For example, our facility was built on one level to ensure we can welcome people who have physical challenges or limitations and is fully wheelchair accessible. Perhaps you’re a diabetic who needs support with insulin management or you have a co-occurring health diagnosis such as borderline personality disorder and need to ensure you have a team that knows how to treat and support you while healing addictions or other health afflictions.

If  you’ve tried other treatment programs in the past that were too restrictive, we’ll design an approach that works for you. If you need to use a computer or cell phone while in treatment, we can support those requirements. If you want complete privacy, you can stay in your own cottage and take your meals there as well. We’ll create a wellness plan that is completely customized and puts you first.

Finding a Life Balance

There is no denying that trauma is a factor that contributes to addiction, but the scope of those experiences is vast. It’s not just the specific experiences you’ve had, it’s how well you’ve handled the challenges life throws your way. Your ability to balance emotions and work through stressful situations may be limited. At Defining Wellness, our customized treatment programs help you work through the specific issues that have contributed to your situation. You may have clearly defined addictions or you may need help with debilitating mental health challenges. We help re-build your life from the inside, out. Wellness includes your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. You will have the support and expertise guiding you to become your best self, free of addiction and the limitations it places on your life.

Customized Treatment Approach

At Defining Wellness Centers we believe that anyone who wants to recover from addiction, can recover. Our treatment approach addresses your specific needs. We offer the most comprehensive array of recovery tools available in order to build a program that works for you and your unique circumstances.

This plan will include experiences that will heal your mind, body and spirit – not just your addiction. In fact, addiction is just the symptom of underlying mental, emotional and physical imbalances. Our goal is to help you heal on every level. When that occurs, you can live a happy and fulfilling life, not just a sober one.

Many Forms of Addiction

We treat many forms of addiction, in including alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, sex, pornography, online gaming, shopping and eating disorders. Defining Wellness is also highly qualified to treat co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. We are also experienced at supporting recovery for clients with bipolar and borderline personality disorders.

When you look at all of the possible afflictions a client may be dealing with, it only makes sense that the treatment plan would look different for each individual. We know how to help assess the problems and create a structured program. One that will ensure every issue is addressed and healed. We also create a comprehensive aftercare strategy to support your long-term recovery when you leave Defining Wellness.

“If you’re struggling, don’t continue to try to fight it alone. The isolation is scary and tiring, and we have an entire team of professionals here to help you take your life back.”

Begin your Recovery Today

If you are ready to take the step towards a new life, call Defining Wellness today and learn more about how we can help you.