Mental Health Treatment Program in Brandon, MS

Mental Health Treatment Program in Brandon, MS

Authored by Defining Wellness    Reviewed by Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis    Last Updated: September 20th, 2021

Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis Medical Reviewer
Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis completed medical school at The University of Mississippi Medical Center and residency in general psychiatry in 2003. He completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2005. Following this, he served as Chief Medical Officer for 10 years of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare a private health system including a 105-bed hospital, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient services.

Many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from mental health disorders. In fact, according to a study conducted by NAMI, 9.2 million U.S. adults experienced both mental illness and a substance use disorder in 2018. Addicts and alcoholics who suffer from a dual-diagnosis must receive treatment for both conditions simultaneously. Unfortunately, when an individual only receives treatment for their addiction, oftentimes, their untreated mental disorder(s) will lead to a relapse.

It’s important to treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously which is why luxury mental health and addiction treatment centers have become available around the nation. At Defining Wellness, we pride ourselves on providing each patient with an individual treatment plan-of-action that allows for a solid foundation of sobriety and mental health. Our luxury mental health and addiction treatment programs utilize a combination of biotechnology, experiential therapy, medical detox, and holistic treatment. As a result, we are able to address every facet of each patient’s dual-diagnosis – allowing patients to find lasting sobriety and optimal wellness.

What is Luxury Mental Health and Addiction Treatment?

Luxury dual-diagnosis programs are designed for professional and high-profile individuals who may not benefit from the “hospital-like” setting of a normal treatment center. Additionally, luxury mental health and addiction treatment centers allow patients much needed access to their phones and work materials while their treatment remains private and fully confidential. This allows for businessmen and women to receive treatment without fear of losing their careers.

While anonymity is an important aspect of luxury co-occurring disorder programs, it’s also important to personalize treatment according to a person’s lifestyle and individual demands. Many of the patients who attend this type of treatment experience high levels of stress and pressure during their everyday lives. Therefore, attending a rehab program with a luxurious setting that utilizes innovative recovery techniques provides patients with an oasis away from the outside world. When you combine our innovative therapies with our getaway-like atmosphere, our program offers the best possible care.

Who Benefits from Luxury Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

While luxury dual-diagnosis treatment programs may not be for everyone, there are certain individuals who may require this type of treatment setting. Luxury drug and alcohol treatment programs are typically located in secluded and private areas in order to allow patient identity to remain confidential and private. Additionally, luxury dual-diagnosis programs utilize cutting-edge therapies and complementary services that other rehabs do not. For this reason, musicians, actors/actresses, athletes, and other high-profile individuals choose luxury treatment centers over other forms of mental health and addiction treatment.

If you are trying to determine whether a luxury dual-diagnosis program is right for you, consider the following:

  • You need help getting sober from drugs or alcohol
  • You suffer from substance abuse and an additional mental health disorder
  • An individualized treatment approach is preferred by you
  • Having qualified, expert medical and clinical staff is important to you
  • You are interested in innovative and alternative mental health and addiction treatment
  • You prefer a more relaxed, posh treatment setting
  • Your personal privacy is essential while in mental health and addiction treatment

For people with high-profile careers, luxury mental health and addiction treatment programs are the best option. Privacy and complete anonymity are typically extremely important for these individuals. As a result, luxury dual-diagnosis treatment centers offer a safe-space for high-profile individuals to recover from their addictions and mental health disorders. In addition, luxury treatment programs offer a place for high-profile patients to connect with peers who share similar lifestyles. This allows them to avoid feeling alienated or isolated, which is a major trigger for many people recovering from co-occurring disorders. Overall, luxury mental health and addiction programs make attending group therapy, helping others, and staying private easier for high-profile addicts and alcoholics.

Amenities Offered in Luxury Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

If you are considering attending a luxury mental health and addiction treatment center, you may be wondering what amenities and programs are offered.

Luxury dual-diagnosis treatment at Defining Wellness offers the following amenities:

  • Chef-prepared food
  • Full-sized gyms
  • Pools, patios, and outdoor scenery
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic services

Additionally, what sets Defining Wellness’s program apart is the availability of our Wellness Labs. The Wellness Lab, a state of the art evidence-based technology with proven results, is one of the many benefits of attending a luxury dual-diagnosis program. Designed to promote emotional regulation, help the brain heal from addiction, trauma, grief, and mental illness – this treatment strategy is extremely effective for dual-diagnosis patients.

Innovative Therapies used in Luxury Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Many people who suffer from addiction also deal with mental illnesses. In fact, 50% of our treatment population suffer from co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When individuals are experiencing the throes of their addiction, it is common for them to neglect their overall health. This encourages individuals to experience dual-diagnosis symptoms as a result of scary situations, total exhaustion, chronic substance abuse, and traumatic experiences. As a result of the trauma that these individuals have faced, there tend to be residual implications that need to be addressed. Therefore, luxury dual-diagnosis treatment is a necessity for these individuals to fully recover.


In many cases, patients with a dual-diagnosis may need non-narcotic medications that help to lessen symptoms of their mental disorder. However, this isn’t always necessary. Since every patient is unique, with individual needs, luxury dual-diagnosis treatment psychiatrists will review each patient’s medicinal and clinical needs. At Defining Wellness, our team conducts full, ongoing reviews on each client’s case throughout their treatment process in order to collaboratively make suggestions for evidence-based client care. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to join in on the process, as they should be able to be involved in their own medication and treatment decisions.

Psychotherapeutic Interventions

In addition to utilizing medication, luxury mental health and addiction treatment centers prioritize their patient’s mental needs through utilizing a variety of psychotherapies. Luxury dual-diagnosis patients have access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Experiential Therapy, and Psychodrama. These therapy methods allow patients to explore and confront their thought processes and behaviors in order to change negative thought patterns. Throughout treatment, trained clinical teams will provide patients with emotional regulation techniques and coping skills that will aid them in long-term recovery and wellness.


At Defining Wellness, we offer our clients access to a Wellness Lab that has proven to be extremely effective when treating dual-diagnosis patients. In the Wellness Lab, patients have the opportunity to utilize cutting edge biotechnology. For example, luxury dual-diagnosis treatment programs such as Defining Wellness use biofeedback and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). This allows the brain to regain a sense of balance in a faster manner than ever before. Once a patient has regained their brain’s chemical balance, they are able to retain the education and techniques they learn in treatment easily.

Luxury Mental Health and Addiction Treatment at Defining Wellness Centers

At Defining Wellness, we offer a full-spectrum approach for each individual patient who walks through our doors. This is especially important for our dual-diagnosis patients. In order to meet each patient’s needs, treatment plans are developed collaboratively with input from our medical and clinical teams. Because recovering from both addiction and a co-occurring mental disorder can be scary, we ensure that our patients feel supported and understood. Defining Wellness Center’s program provides patients with the ability to gain support from their peers, who are all recovering from similar traumas, mental illnesses, and addictions. If you or a loved one are concerned about needing dual-diagnosis treatment, give us a call. We will listen, provide support, and share guidance so that you can begin your recovery.

Family-owned and operated, Defining Wellness Centers is a true labor of love. My wife Robin and I, along with our children, are deeply passionate about wellness, mental health and addiction treatment.

We are a family, dedicated to helping other families. We created Defining Wellness with two central goals in mind: to share our love, understanding and compassion with clients and to utilize the best health and wellness modalities available today to treat addiction.

Our programs are built on a foundation of proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques combined with cutting-edge bio-technological treatments, fitness and experiential learning. Our end goal is to provide the support and tools necessary for people become their best selves through emotional wellness and balance.