Does Alcohol Abuse Cause Kidney Failure?

Can Alcohol Abuse Cause Kidney Failure? Alcohol consumption affects many different parts of the human body, and some of them can feel pretty good for a short while. Most people can have a few drinks without seriously impacting their health, but excessive drinking can have very adverse effects. Alcohol abuse is well-known for hurting the … Read more

Mississippi Substance Abuse Statistics

Understanding Substance Use Disorder in Mississippi: Statistics and Treatment Options It can be challenging for individuals to recognize the need for treatment after using illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. This difficulty arises from the fact that repeated substance use alters brain function, and these changes can persist for years, even after ceasing substance use. … Read more

Does Alcohol Abuse Cause Dementia?

Protecting Your Brain: The Link Between Alcohol Abuse and Dementia Is there a link between alcohol abuse and dementia? While there is often an emphasis on the effects of alcohol on the liver and cardiovascular system, the truth is that the impact of excessive alcohol on the brain can be just as grim. Alcohol abuse … Read more

Can you do the 12 Steps alone?

Completing a 12-Step Recovery Program on Your Own If you are struggling with addiction, you may wonder what help is available. From in-person residential programs to group therapy, there are many options to help you achieve sobriety. Many people turn to the 12 Steps, a well-known addiction recovery program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Program … Read more

Drug Detox and Alcohol Rehab in Pleasant Hill

The Path to Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Pleasant Hill At Defining Wellness Centers, our facility offers personalized treatment options for clients with substance use disorders in Pleasant Hill. Our team provides a place where you can transform your life, address underlying problems that may have led to your drug or alcohol use drug use, … Read more

Drug Detox and Alcohol Rehab in Olive Branch

Olive Branch Area Substance Use Recovery  Substance use disorders and mental health issues often go together. Recovery services need to address both the addiction and its underlying mechanisms to achieve long-term results. Defining Wellness Centers in Jackson, Mississippi, have staff members that are caring and dedicated to helping you or your loved one recover from … Read more

AA Sponsor Boundaries

Comprehensive Guide to AA Sponsor Boundaries Sponsorship is a crucial feature of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). It is a source of support provided by a group member who is in a more advanced stage of recovery to a person at an earlier stage of recovery. Boundaries help sponsors maintain objectivity, professionalism, and emotional balance while providing … Read more

When to Take Methadone

Should You Take Methadone, and When Should You Start? Methadone is used in the treatment of opioid addiction, but it’s not for everyone. You can successfully embrace a sober lifestyle and enjoy a productive, happy life without the use of this medication. If you or someone you love will soon enter treatment or are already … Read more

What is the First Step in Alcoholics Anonymous

Understanding the First Step of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program People who are suffering from an alcohol use disorder are at a low point in their lives. Their family relationships and friendships may suffer. Their careers may be on the line. People in the midst of an addiction are often unsure of what to do or … Read more