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Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis

Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis completed medical school at The University of Mississippi Medical Center and residency in general psychiatry in 2003. He completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2005. Following this, he served as Chief Medical Officer for 10 years of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare a private health system including a 105-bed hospital, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient services.

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Admissions Question?

If you find yourself among the millions of people who battle with addiction and want to stop, chances are you have questions as to where to start. We’re here to help.

Drug and alcohol detox can seem overwhelming. When you’ve utilized a substance to help you cope and get through your day for an extended period of time, it’s scary to consider going without that substance. Even more concerning is the idea that you may experience discomfort or pain as a result of withdrawal. Defining Wellness Centers provides tailored treatment through detoxification in order to make the process as comfortable as possible.

In our luxury program, our Medical Director works with each client to assess their needs and determine an appropriate course of treatment. Detox can be medically dangerous, even deadly, and we use extreme caution in treating clients, especially when they’ve been abusing alcohol or benzodiazepines. Our primary goal is to safely stabilize each client so that they’re able to engage in the treatment program without discomfort from the earliest stages of their stay.

The Medical Director meets with clients individually to identify their medical needs and collaboratively develop a medical treatment plan. Utilizing a combination of comfort and cutting-edge medications, along with relaxation techniques, our clients go through detox in a luxurious environment with concierge care. Our addiction medicine team includes a psychiatrist, physician, psychiatric nurse practitioner, and 24/7 on-site nursing. We are available and able to meet whatever needs may arise throughout the detoxification process.

How We Treat Symptoms

Our physician works with each client to medically assess them while in detox. We medicate with comfort meds to help clients move through detox with minimal discomfort. For clients struggling with opioids, we can utilize medication-assisted treatment interventions, such as Suboxone or Subutex, to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Throughout the detox process, we encourage clients to get plenty of rest so that their bodies have the chance to begin healing. If clients feel up to participating in the treatment program they’re certainly encouraged to do so, however, if rest is what’s needed we understand and support that. Clients can relax in comfort in private rooms with king beds. All of our rooms are outfitted with televisions and clients can utilize their phone and computer during their stay.

Peace and Tranquility

Located in the southeast, Defining Wellness is situated on 26 scenic acres. We’re removed from the noise of more crowded areas and provide a retreat from the chaos of day-to-day life. We offer a safe place for clients to slow down and taper off of substances, in order to begin rebuilding their health. As toxins are removed from one’s system, they start to feel improvements overall in health, energy, and the clarity of their thinking.

Our secluded environment includes the space for clients to get away, experiencing the utmost in privacy and luxury as they undergo a restoration of self. Our Healing Center is staffed medically 24/7 and we monitor each client to ensure their safe drug and alcohol detoxification. Confidentiality is strictly maintained so as to ensure the absolute privacy of our clients.

Wellness Lab

In addition to medical interventions, we have an on-site Wellness Lab, outfitted with cutting-edge technology designed to aid clients in healing more quickly. We utilize technological advancements such as neurofeedback, which helps to retrain the brain to respond to stressful situations in a healthier way. It also aids in developing healthier sleeping patterns, which is incredibly beneficial in detox and early recovery, as typically people aren’t engaging in healthy habits while abusing substances.

We also offer red light laser therapy, which aids in decreasing inflammation in the body. Often when individuals enter detox they haven’t taken the best care of themselves nutritionally or otherwise, and red light laser therapy, also known as the ‘red light charger,’ helps the body to detoxify and begin realigning itself. Red light laser therapy also aids in stabilizing one’s circadian rhythm, or sleeping patterns, and helps clients to feel better and increase their ability to emotionally regulate earlier in the treatment process.

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Defining Wellness offers a safe, comfortable, luxurious, and private detoxification experience. While clients can go to a hospital if they’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms and find treatment, this is truly our medical specialty and we’re best equipped to provide quality medical care. Our physician acts as a concierge doctor, working with each client one-on-one to help them. We make this process comfortable and safe so that our clients can complete treatment and begin moving forward in their lives.

Please reach out today for more information on detox in a luxury setting. Seeking help takes courage and we want our clients to feel comfortable in our trauma-informed treatment program. Contact us to learn more at 833-392-9355.

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