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Taking the time to relax and nourish your needs is an integral part of the healing process. Engaging in the therapeutic work to identify and heal trauma can be tiring, and you need an environment that focuses on restoration for your whole self. Defining Wellness Intensive Cottage Program offers luxury accommodations for individuals in need of detoxification and treatment services. Whether you’re struggling with substances, fighting depression, or just need to take time to re-charge yourself, we can help. Our beautifully appointed facility, located in a picturesque area just outside of Jackson, Mississippi, caters to you.

Amenities Alleviate Stress While Restoring Your Mind & Body

When you’re overwhelmed and need to catch your breath, Defining Wellness Centers is the perfect place to find balance. Our licensed clinical treatment team collaborates with you individually to aid your healing process. We provide a variety of amenities to support you.

Luxury Accommodations
Private suites featuring king beds, deluxe linens, a desk, marble-lined bathrooms, and a living space in which to relax are available to provide you the utmost in privacy. If you need to make a private call, or just take a few minutes to yourself, you have the space to do so.

Mobile Phones
Bring your phone with you for use during your stay. We understand how tough focusing on yourself can be when you don’t have the ability to check in regarding personal and professional commitments. Having your phone accessible allows for peace of mind.

Fitness Center
Utilize our fitness center for a variety of activities to take care of your physical needs. Find your strength, literally and figuratively, through taking care of you. Work with a personal trainer, engage in yoga, Pilates, or utilize our full gym including treadmills, stationary bikes, weight machines, free weights, and ellipticals. We also have an indoor basketball court and outdoor pickleball and volleyball courts, along with an ample property that you can explore.

Wellness Lab
Technology is an integral part of our program. We embrace the solutions that modern science has provided, including red light laser therapy, which promotes cell growth, encourages physical healing, reduces inflammation, and aids in healthy sleeping patterns. Our oxygen therapy options aid you in finding clarity and feeling better overall, and our PEMF equipment helps your body to heal more quickly, for earlier adaptation of emotional regulation. Neurofeedback protocols are also designed around your needs so that your brain can begin to function in healthier and more efficient ways.

fork and knife depicting gourmet chef
Gourmet Chef
Our chef can produce a variety of options for you, taking into consideration your nutrition and dietary needs and requirements. Flavorful food that is both nutritionally balanced and pleasing to your palate is provided. If you’d prefer to eat in your room, we can serve your meals privately.

Medical Care
Our concierge medical team is on-site 24/7, led by our board-certified medical director. Our psychiatrist is available to consult with you throughout your stay. Labwork to determine internal functioning is drawn so that we can assure that you’re receiving the medical care and treatment you truly need.

Through a blood or saliva sample, our qualified team of medical professionals will conduct drug-gene testing. This will aid in determining whether a medication will be effective for you, what the best dose of a medication is for your body, and whether you’re at risk to experience side effects. This allows us to find the best treatment interventions for your body.

The licensed clinical team works collaboratively with you via an intensive schedule to support your treatment needs. Emphasizing healing the trauma that’s impacting you, we utilize a variety of clinical modalities through which to help you heal. We’ll find the approach that’s best suited to your needs, for the most positive treatment outcomes.

Located outside of Jackson, Mississippi, our facility sits just off a lovely reservoir with 100+ miles of scenic shoreline. Find peace in the midst of the fragrant pines, enjoy the temperate weather, and embrace nature as you find wellness.

Privacy and Security
Your confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to us. In order to begin healing, you need an environment in which you can feel emotionally and physically secure. Defining Wellness Centers has state of the art security systems that keep you and your medical records secure. Our facility is gated and fenced in to ensure your privacy.

Private Airport
There is a private airport in Jackson that is very close to the facility. To maintain privacy, you can arrive late in the evening or early in the morning, or at a time that is most convenient for you. Defining Wellness Centers can assist you in making these arrangements.

Amenities Reinvent Your Inner Self

Life can wear you down in so many ways, and sometimes you need to take a step back to revive yourself. Defining Wellness Centers is an inpatient program where you can spend time focusing on the things that matter most – healing yourself so that you can be the person you most want to be.

Whether you’re interested in an assessment, a week-long intensive program, or several weeks to conduct a full reset, we have programs that will meet your needs. Our caring team understands that healing works differently for everyone, and our invitational approach makes it possible for you to work at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

If there’s an amenity that you’re interested in learning more about but don’t see listed, please simply inquire about our offerings. We can provide detailed information about how we can best meet your needs. For more information, please call (855) 466-4146.

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