COVID-19 Protocol at Defining Wellness Centers

defining wellness response covid-19

In the midst of the current covid-19 pandemic, substance abuse can be exacerbated by the heightened stress and loss of normal routines. Although many nonurgent health services in the community are appropriately postponed or moved to Telehealth at this time, we believe it is our responsibility to continue to provide high quality inpatient medical detox and substance abuse therapy for our patients. By continuing to operate as an inpatient facility, we can give patients a place to receive medical detox other than the already overburdened area hospitals and provide inpatient intensive therapy for substance abuse in patients who may usually rely on outpatient programs and 12 step meetings which have had to cease for the time being.



At the same time, we take the risk of viral spread very seriously and have implemented the following measures in addition to usual standard of care infection prevention:

  1. Only essential staff and vendors are permitted access to campus
  2. Patients requesting admission are screened for the presence of fever, cough, or shortness of breath prior to arrival on campus
  3. Anyone presenting to the gate has his/her temperature checked and is denied access if fever is present
  4. Any staff with a potential exposure or symptoms consistent with covid-19 are placed on 14-day leave
  5. Visitation is suspended at this time

We have had no occurrences of infection on our campus to date and hope it remains that way, however, should a patient become ill, we have a well-trained medical staff including a board-certified pulmonologist to care for any patient that may develop symptoms of the virus while under our care. We also have the ability to move any patient that develops symptoms to a separate building with nursing staff present and away from other clients to minimize transmission. It is our hope that this crisis is behind us all soon, but until then, we remain committed to serving those suffering with substance abuse to the best of our abilities.