What is Considered Alcohol Abuse?

What Is Alcohol Abuse? Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Alcohol is a legal substance that often permeates numerous aspects of society, from social get-togethers to celebratory events. Although it is legal to consume alcohol if you’re older than 21, it is crucial to acknowledge the thin line that separates moderate drinking from alcohol abuse.  Recognizing the … Read more

What Medications are Used for Meth Withdrawal

What Medications Get Used for Methamphetamine Withdrawal? Methamphetamine, better known as meth, is a central nervous system stimulant. It increases the production of dopamine in the brain, which leads to a euphoric, pleasurable state. Unfortunately, the high is short-lived, and users build tolerance quickly. That necessitates the use of more and more of the drug … Read more

Evidence Based Treatment Programs

How an Evidence-Based Treatment Program Can Help You Drug and alcohol addiction, along with mental health disorders, pose major issues for individuals and society as a whole. As we continue to understand these issues, evidence-based treatment programs have emerged as a cornerstone of effective interventions in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and mental health treatment centers.  … Read more

Can Meth Cause Lupus?

Can Meth Cause Lupus? Many people mistakenly believe that lupus and other chronic autoimmune disorders are linked to the abuse of illegal drugs. However, there are legal pharmaceutical medicines that may create a condition similar to systemic lupus. This is known as drug-induced lupus. Researchers have found that drugs cause 6% to 12% of all … Read more

What Happens in Alcohol Rehab?

What Happens in Alcohol Rehab? Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder (AUD), is characterized as an addiction to alcohol. Roughly 140,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths every year. More disturbing is that 31% of overall driving fatalities are due to alcohol.  Alcoholism affects many people, but not everyone who needs treatment receives it. When people realize … Read more

How Much Drugs is Intent to Sell?

When Does Drug Possession Cross the Line to Intent to Sell? In the eyes of the criminal justice system, there is a significant difference between people who only use illegal drugs and those who plan to sell them. Someone convicted of intent to sell can be incarcerated for far longer than someone who simply uses … Read more

Can Using Meth Cause Pancreatitis?

What Is Pancreatitis? Pancreatitis is the unnatural swelling of the pancreas. In 80% of cases, it’s relatively mild and goes away fairly quickly. In the remaining 20% of cases, though, it is a serious condition with complications that could be life-threatening. Most of the time, in mild cases, you can go home from the hospital … Read more

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment in Mississippi

Benefits of Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment in Mississippi Alcoholism is the most severe kind of drinking problem, defined as excessive drinking to the point that it negatively affects your health. In contrast to harmful drinking — a pattern of excessive drinking that does not include dependency on alcohol — alcoholism is another name for severe alcohol … Read more

Signs you Need Alcohol Rehab

How to Decide if You Need Alcohol Rehab In today’s fast-paced world, alcohol is seen as a fun social substance that can make activities more enjoyable. This often makes it hard for some people to recognize the difference between drinking for pleasure and having a serious problem. Additionally, stereotypes can make it difficult for someone … Read more

What are PTSD Symptoms?

What Are PTSD Symptoms? You might think you’ve left it all behind. After a traumatic event, time passes, and you believe your mind and body have healed and moved on. However, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder might appear a few years or months later. PTSD is tricky to recognize. It can resemble depression or anger, … Read more