Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program for Veterans & Active Military

Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis

Dr. John Elgin Wilkaitis completed medical school at The University of Mississippi Medical Center and residency in general psychiatry in 2003. He completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2005. Following this, he served as Chief Medical Officer for 10 years of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare a private health system including a 105-bed hospital, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient services.

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If you find yourself among the millions of people who battle with addiction and want to stop, chances are you have questions as to where to start. We’re here to help.

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At Defining Wellness Centers, our goals are geared towards helping all our clients to get well. Our care covers psychological, physiological, and spiritual. We understand that wellness and health look different for every person.

Coverage Offered By TRICARE

  • Inpatient or Residential care
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (Day and/or Night Program)
  •  Medical Detoxification
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

While TRICARE insurance offers coverage, the treatment you receive at Defining Wellness Centers will vary depending on several factors. These factors include how severe your addiction is and how much care you need for your mental health. TRICARE plans vary depending on the requirements for the services you will need.

Am I Covered for Addiction Treatment at Defining Wellness Centers?

At Defining Wellness Centers, we accept clients from all walks of life. As part of this, we accept clients on private insurance plans for addiction treatment. TRICARE insurance is one of the plans we accept at our facility.

Our services depend on your TRICARE insurance plan and other factors, including your eligibility requirements. Check your coverage to ensure you have full coverage for your treatment.

Patients on TRICARE insurance plans are covered for addiction rehab coverage for a standard three-benefit period for life. Remember, when seeking treatment, you may need prior authorization to show your addiction treatment is medically needed. With the authorization, TRICARE should approve your rehab coverage, depending on your plan.

Am I covered for Drug and Alcohol Detox by TRICARE in Mississippi?

We offer detox programs for our inpatient and outpatient patients and provide them with both comfort and safety during their withdrawal. You can receive detox care at Defining Wellness Centers, including medication with TRICARE.

Patients covered by TRICARE insurance receive approved coverage for medical detox programs. They receive coverage for medical detox once they are enrolled in both intensive outpatient and residential rehab programs.

The coverages provided by TRICARE insurance include detox services and other needed treatment options. These treatments include opioid treatment programs, office-based opioid treatment, and partial hospitalization programs.

Am I Eligible for Residential Rehab with TRICARE Insurance

At Defining Wellness Centers, we offer inpatient rehab or, as it is popularly known, residential rehab. Inpatient rehab is meant to have patients remain at our facility while they receive treatment. TRICARE provides cover that includes both urgent care and non-emergency treatment that is related to drug and alcohol addiction.

TRICARE plans include covers for medical, mental, and psychiatric emergencies caused by addiction-related issues. For a patient to qualify for inpatient rehab treatment, TRICARE has several conditions.

These include having a formal diagnosis of substance abuse and/or severe symptoms of addiction that need medical care during detox and withdrawal. All patients seeking non-emergency treatment will need approval to receive TRICARE coverage.

Does TRICARE cover Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)?

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are popularly referred to as Day/Night programs. These programs are offered at Defining Wellness Centers to provide rehab care for patients who don’t need inpatient stays. TRICARE insurance mandates all patients to meet a specific criterion for this program.

A good example of this is patients who need to have an ongoing substance abuse disorder. However, this disorder should not be severe enough to need hospitalization. Depending on the TRICARE plan you choose, you may not need authorization for outpatient treatment, including co-occurring mental health.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network TRICARE

The TRICARE coverage patients receive for drugs and alcohol treatment highly depends on whether you are an in-network or an out-of-network provider. When choosing a TRICARE plan, remember that some plans need patients to use an in-network provider. Other plans will have you going to an in-network and out-of-network provider.

When using an in-network provider like Defining Wellness Centers, you will only pay for services not included in your cover. Most out-of-network providers cost more and pass most of the coverage responsibility to you.

When looking for a treatment center, make sure it is an in-network center that offers TRICARE plans. Defining Wellness Centers, an in-network provider, provides care for those with a TRICARE cover.

TRICARE Insurance Plans

There are several TRICARE options available for active uniformed service members and their families and retired service members. Understanding the specific rehab coverage in your plan is important before signing up. TRICARE health plans Include:

  • TRICARE Prime – This plan covers the healthcare needs of U.S. patients who live in prime areas.
  • TRICARE Prime Remote – This plan includes medical coverage outside of major U.S. metropolitan areas and specific locations overseas.
  • TRICARE Standard and Extra – This option does not require enrolling for health coverage, but a paid fee will be needed.
  • TRICARE Standard Overseas – For those who are overseas, this plan offers healthcare coverage.
  • TRICARE Young Adults – With this TRICARE option, young adults not eligible for other plans get the benefits of TRICARE without paying out-of-pocket.
  • TRICARE Reserve Select – Reserve service members and their family members are covered by this plan.
  • TRICARE for Life – Medicare Part A and B recipients can enroll in this plan for healthcare coverage.
  • TRICARE Retired Reserve – This plan provides eligible retired service members healthcare coverage.

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We offer drug rehab and mental health treatment, but if you ask our patients about their time here, they’d say it’s just a personal wellness experience.

From the moment you arrive at our Mississippi addiction treatment facilities, you’ll know you’ve come to a special place. Set against the scenic backdrop of 26 acres of lush green landscapes, our facilities are just outside Jackson in the charming town of Brandon, Mississippi.

From the melodious song of nearby mockingbirds to the scent of cherry plums in bloom to the heaven-sent sunlight warming the heart and filling the soul, self-restoration awaits at every corner. 

To ensure that all our clients get the best of care, Defining Wellness Centers is now an in-network provider partnered with TRICARE insurance. TRICARE in-network rehab treatment centers are tailored to give the best care without having to pass any load to the clients.

TRICARE insurance is the leading insurance for providing coverage for active-duty service members, veterans, and their family members. Previously, TRICARE insurance limited its benefits, but this has changed with in-network providers since 2017. Today TRICARE insurance includes addiction treatment covers.

We understand that everyone’s journey is different; with this in mind, we care with compassion and understanding. Healing begins here. Defining Wellness Centers offers the highest standard of drug detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient addiction treatment in Mississippi.

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