Eng3 NanoVi Therapy Program

NanoVi for Health and Wellness

There are many benefits to NanoVi technology such as improving the body’s response to oxidative stress damage, leading to to better health and vitality for people of all ages. Also referred to as Eng3 NanoVi, after the company that created the technology, additional benefits include a stronger immune response and ability to deal with stress by helping repair cells. While the procedure can’t prevent cellular damage caused by wear and tear, it helps repair cells.

Health Benefits of NanoVi™

How Does NanoVi™ Technology Work?

The NanoVi™ device augments a signal naturally generated by the body that is essential to cellular activity. The following 3D animation explains how NanoVi’s “bio-identical signal” assists the multi-step process of reinstalling essential protein functions in the cells. Here are three illustrations to explain how NanoVi™ technology helps repair cell damage and free radicals. In each scenario, the free radicals or “bad ROS” are illustrated in red. The “good ROS” signals are illustrated in green.

In the first scenario, we see free radicals in red (the “bad ROS”) attacking a cell and causing cell damage to proteins, mitochondria, DNA and the cell membrane. Also notice the green ROS signal, the body’s natural way of triggering repair. Once these “good ROS” emit their signal, they join the ranks of the “bad ROS”.

Scenario One

Here we show a great deal of free radical damage and assume little or no protection from supplementary antioxidants. This illustration shows no outside support for the body to recover from free radical damage.

Scenario Two

In the second scenario, we show a better-looking, or healthier cell. Here we assume the person is taking some preventive measures, primarily by supplementing with antioxidants in foods. Still, the “good ROS” signal for repair remains the same.

Scenario Three

In the third scenario, we show the best-looking cell. This body is benefiting from antioxidants and, by adding the NanoVi™ which works to signal, is augmenting the body’s natural ability to repair cell damage and free radicals.

Does NanoVi Work for Athletes?

NanoVi technology works to counteract the effects of bad reactive oxygen species by improving the good effects. Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd and his All-Star colleague Miguel Cabrera, are fans of NanoVi . The device has also drawn praise from biohackers, race car drivers and competitive cyclists. (GeekWire). Performance athletes experience a demanding cycle of oxidative stress damage and repair and therefore they must repair oxidative stress damage quickly to stay healthy and perform well.

How does NanoVi make a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make?

We create an electromagnetic signal that has precisely the same wavelength as the ‘good ROS’ (excited) produces in our cells. We were not the ones to figure out how important this wavelength is in initiating cellular repair. That work was done by cell biologists, specifically, scientists studying REDOX signaling.

Our innovation is to generate the precise and measurable signal inside the NanoVi™ device, without producing any ROS. The signal is transferred to humidity (absorbed) and the effect is delivered across humidified air. Avoiding the production of any kind of reactive oxygen species is a key aspect of NanoVi technology. University* research proves it produces precisely the correct signal. Researchers have conducted a number of studies, including placebo-controlled research. The results are available in our Library.

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