Alpha Stim Therapy Program

What is Alpha Stim?

Relief From Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

Alpha-Stim technology balances the brain’s cellular signals, safely and effectively improving mood and providing anxiety relief and better sleep (both in quality and duration). When the electro-chemical signals in your brain aren’t functioning properly, your mood and emotions are unstable.

The technology is called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) and Alpha-Stim’s exclusive, patented waveform technology is the most researched and proven CES device on the market today (Frontiers in Human Science). COVID-19 Update for Defining Wellness Centers

The waveform passes between two electrodes that are clipped to your earlobes that in turn, stimulate and modulate specific groups of nerve cells in the brain. The electrical current is very low, and therefore most people don’t feel it all. There is no risk of addiction and no side effects.

Alpha-Stim and Insomnia

Sleep studies prove that the Alpha-Stim method works for people who suffer from chronic insomnia. For instance, military service members with insomnia reported positive results, after just five treatments, adding an average of 43 minutes to their sleep time. (Journal of Affective Disorders).

In One Study, the Subjects’ Poor Quality of Sleep Dropped From 60% to 5% Most people prefer Alpha-Stim over sleep medications. It helps turn a stressful time spent in bed into a restful experience and you you wake up refreshed and feeling energized.

Alpha-Stim and Depression

You can experience significant relief from depression in just one, 20- to 60-minute Alpha-Stim® session. The results are even greater with continued use. Alpha-Stim help reduce or eliminate the need for medication, but it’s also safe to use concurrently.

Alpha-Stim and Anxiety

Western medicine typically relies on medications to treat anxiety, but Alpha-Stim offers a proven alternative.

With Alpha-Stim, the ‘Electro’ Signal in Your Brain, Not the ‘Chemical’ – Signal You don’t develop a “tolerance” for CES so there’s never a need to increase the dose. Over time, your require fewer treatments because the results are cumulative. Most users notice an immediate reduction in anxiety and an increased feeling of well being after just one or two treatments.

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