How to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

How to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drugs have become an even more dangerous problem over the last two decades. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency in 2017 because of the rampant abuse of prescription drugs in America. As a responsible prescription painkiller user, you should take a look inside your cabinet and ensure your pills are stored properly. As someone who uses painkillers to manage a chronic condition, you are responsible for them from the time you collect them to the time you dispose of them. Here are a few tips that might help you secure your painkillers and prevent potential drug abuse from those who have access to your home.


Teens can easily access drugs from their parent’s medicine cabinets, but not if those medicines are correctly stored. Monitoring your pills means knowing when one or two are missing from the bottle. Can you be sure that your medications are where they’re supposed to be? As a responsible prescription painkiller user, you should be able to say “yes” to this question confidently.


Medication can be dangerous, and that’s usually why they’re supposed to be stored safely. Teens are the most susceptible demographic to painkiller drug abuse because those drugs are easily accessible and typically free (especially if stolen from another family member). To be a responsible painkiller user, approach storing your painkillers in the same way you’d keep your valuables like jewelry or cash. It’s your responsibility to protect younger members of your family from falling into drug abuse.


Many people who use prescription drugs don’t properly dispose of their medications, leaving them open for their younger family members to get access to them. Proper disposal of drugs doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Even if painkillers are expired, they can still pose a significant addiction threat. Knowing where your painkillers are when you dispose of them and ensuring that your family members can’t use them in the future is your responsibility.

Finding the Right Resources to Deal with Drug Abuse

Drug abuse prevention is everyone’s responsibility, but sometimes you need the support and guidance of an external facility to understand what’s going on and how to deal with it. Defining Wellness offers several options for treating drug abuse and addiction. Among the services we can offer clients include:

  •         Detox
  •         Inpatient treatment
  •         Outpatient treatment
  •         Dual Diagnosis treatment
  •         Partial hospitalization
  •         Aftercare

We also provide various alternative treatments together with our evidence-based methodologies. Treating drug abuse and addiction requires understanding and dealing with the root causes. Our facility even helps with detox, with medical personnel standing by to give our clients peace of mind. We verify that your insurance will cover treatment, relieving you of the financial burden, if even partially. If you really need a professional organization to help you or your family deal with drug abuse, contact us or come in for a visit. We’ll be glad to help you grasp what’s going on and how to best deal with it.