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Our primary treatment objective is always to help our clients to get well – psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. What wellness looks like for one person will likely be different from what it looks like for another. For some clients it may mean living a clean and sober life, abstaining from any and all substances. For others, it may mean utilizing medication to treat mental health diagnoses, such as depression. Everyone has a different journey, and our caring and compassionate treatment team assist each client as they participate in the best treatment program for their situation. To learn more about Defining Wellness and how our program can help you contact us today.


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Our Substance Abuse & Mental Health Specialties

The board-certified addiction medicine doctors and licensed clinicians at Defining Wellness Centers assess each client throughout their stay to implement and adjust treatment programs accordingly. Whether it be dual diagnosis programming or gender-specific treatment, we make sure each client is receiving what they need. Through the clinical assessment and review process, we collaborate with our clients to determine what’s most appropriate for their situation. Our team also engages family members and loved ones in programmatic discussions, as they’re often integral in providing ongoing support to clients. We believe that a strong support system is critical for a client’s long-term wellness and for that support to be most effective, the ones providing it need to be in a healthy place themselves.

There are many different treatment programs and approaches and we believe it’s important to have a large arsenal at our disposal to best serve our clients. Our clinical team is trained in a wide range of techniques and modalities, and our campus is set up to support specific treatment needs. 

  • Co-occurring Disorders/Dual Diagnosis
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Gender-Specific Treatment
  • 12-Step
  • Alternatives to 12-Step/Non-12-Step
  • Fitness
  • Family Program
  • Psychotherapeutic Modalities
  • Wellness Lab & Biotechnology

Many of our clients are battling addiction as well as a secondary diagnosis. Whether you’re a potential client or their loved one, you’ve been riding the rollercoaster of addiction for long enough that you understand it comes with loops, bumps, and often, steep drops. It’s not straightforward, and our treatment programs have to be able to navigate whatever our clients are fighting, may it be trauma, a mental health diagnosis such as a personality disorder, or another struggle that feeds the cycle of abuse. Through incorporating a variety of therapeutic programs and approaches, our team is able to treat many clinical issues and concerns.

“By offering customized treatment programs we can truly put the individual first. From art therapy to outdoor activities, we incorporate all of the aspects of a healthy and well-balanced life. That’s how we help our patients not only find hope, but happiness again.”

—Justin Daniels, Founder of Defining Wellness Centers

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