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Defining Wellness utilizes an innovative approach that includes cutting-edge technology, action-based engaging therapy and healthy living that allows each client to treat, manage and overcome their dual diagnosis challenges.

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We provide life-changing results for your dual diagnosis challenges.

We believe dual diagnosis and addiction treatment should move past the traditional group room process.  Our clients learn how to regulate their emotions and heal trauma in a non-judgmental and shame-free environment.  Scientifically validated therapies based in movement, creativity, nature, and technology provide the solution for long-term sobriety and a higher quality of life.

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“I just wanted to send you guys a message with sheer gratitude for the help you gave me in there. I was truly blessed to have the time and care you took with me to help me begin my journey on recovery.

It’s something I will never forget, I miss you all and DWC. I hope to see you guys again soon.”

“This place asked me to dig deeper and showed me it was about more than just my drinking. Everything here is incredible from the staff, the facilities and the support. I can’t believe this is actually a real place. “

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