Confidential Rehab for Executives and Professionals

The idea of going to rehab and leaving everything behind for a period of time is daunting. The risk of people finding out that you have a problem is even scarier, as it can impact your livelihood. Our team understands this and works with our clients to provide a safe, secure environment that is completely confidential. As an executive and business professional, there can be a lot at stake when you seek treatment, and we will assist with making the process as easy as possible.

Many find that not having access to their phone and/or computer is a prohibitive measure when considering treatment programs. It can also be an immediate signifier to employers that something is going on if you’re suddenly completely unavailable. When you’re in an executive-level role, it’s not easy to simply disappear without questions. Our clients are able to use their phones and computers throughout their stay to maintain a connection to their personal and professional responsibilities. We provide private bedrooms with an office area so that you can work without interruptions in a confidential setting.

Our program is geared toward meeting your needs. Prior to arrival, we will have conversations about what your needs are so that we can best meet them. This may include having dedicated time to devote to professional engagements and determining a schedule that will best suit your situation. It’s imperative that you have the time to focus on your therapeutic process while in treatment, but when you’re a client in our Cottage program, we’re able to work within a flexible schedule.

Arrival and Departure

Defining Wellness is located about 20 minutes outside of Jackson, MS. Because we’re in a low-profile area, you don’t have the same risk of running into someone you know as you would in a larger city. There are a few local private airports that you can fly into. There is also the option to arrive after dark when you won’t be recognized, and we can provide confidential transportation from the airport to our campus. Upon departure, we can facilitate the same arrangements.

Confidentiality of Client Records

Each client who admits to our treatment program has a health record on file where we document medical information. This information is captured in an electronic health record and is HIPAA compliant and secure. If you wish to explore the use of an alias while in our program, please let us know in advance of arrival. We abide by HIPAA, as well as federal and state confidentiality laws pertaining to behavioral health treatment, to ensure your confidentiality throughout the treatment process and beyond.

Your information remains confidential and is only shared with your written consent. It is completely up to you as to whom you choose to share your treatment records/updates/information with. If you’d like loved ones to be involved in the treatment process and receive updates as to how your stay is going, you can provide consent for the specific individuals you are comfortable with us communicating with.

Secure Environment

Defining Wellness is located in a country setting and is situated on a 26 acre fenced-in, gated property. No one is permitted on-site without signing appropriate confidentiality agreements. If you wish to stay in the Cottage and require confidentiality from others in the program, we can provide meals in your private area and you have your own private porch, which allows you to enjoy fresh air without the traffic of our main areas. The Cottages boast king-sized beds and private en-suite baths, along with a living area and kitchenette so that you always have beverages and snacks available. Televisions are located in each bedroom for your convenience.

Get Started Today

We take confidentiality extremely seriously and provide a safe environment for all in our program. It’s imperative that you have the privacy you need to begin healing. Our team is dedicated to making your stay comfortable and confidential. Making the decision to seek treatment is courageous, and going to treatment shouldn’t be a negative experience. External pressures can make finalizing the decision to get help a bit more difficult, but our team can work around anything that may come up.

Our luxury facility offers several amenities, including an on-site fitness center, indoor basketball court, outdoor pickleball and volleyball courts, and a Wellness Lab. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as biofeedback and red light laser therapy, we’re able to help you make progress in a more expedient manner. Our Medical Director oversees your care from the moment you arrive and works with you to put your health at the forefront.

Defining Wellness Centers is a luxury facility geared toward meeting the needs of professionals and executives. Our campus provides the privacy needed to focus on your health and wellness. For more information, please contact us today at
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