How Defining Wellness Is Protecting You From Coronavirus & Other Infectious Diseases

Dr. Saurabh Bhardwaj

Dr. Bhardwaj, Medical Director is a Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrist (ABPN) and currently the Medical Director of Defining Wellness Center in Brandon MS. He is also an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Director of Center for Innovation & Discovery in Addictions (CIDA) at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He has been in Mississippi since 2018, building Addiction services for the state's only medical center and joined Defining Wellness Center in 2022 to provide specialized dual diagnostic services. He is a recipient of Ruth Fox scholarship from AAAP and trailblazer teaching award from UMMC. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, is a new strain of coronavirus that originated in China in 2019. Already more than one million people have been infected and 66,000+ have died. When working with a population that is already immuno-compromised and at greater risk, we must take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Defining Wellness Centers has taken several precautionary measures against coronavirus and other infectious diseases. Our team is trained in universal precautions and they are always utilized when working with anyone. We take any risk of infection extremely seriously and do our diligence to protect everyone in our facility. We follow all CDC guidelines and have gone above and beyond, doing everything we possibly can to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Justin Daniels, founder of Defining Wellness Centers, has a background in commercial cleaning and is well-versed in how to combat the spread of disease through cleaning practices. Our housekeeping team has been trained in how to best reduce spread and limit risk of exposure through efforts like diligently wiping down all door handles, surfaces, light switches, remote controls, etc. with the appropriate cleaning agents. In addition to these direct ways to reduce spread of disease, we also have a variety of products at our disposal to successfully reduce risk of exposure. In this blog you’ll learn more about the tools we utilize to keep everyone safe. We’re not aware of any other treatment program in the country that offers safety measures that are nearly as comprehensive as what we provide.

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging, or cold fogging, is the use of a fog machine to spread cleaning agents throughout the air and makes it possible to access traditionally hard to reach areas. The mist that a cold fogger produces is so fine that it essentially dries on contact without overwhelming the area. Dependent upon the solution used in the cold fogger, it can produce a variety of results, including killing mold spores in the air and on surfaces, and killing other viruses and infections that may be lingering. Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, and there is concern is may hang in the air, which is why cold fogging is so effective at keeping the environment safe. We use the appropriate machines and solutions to kill Covid-19 and other harmful particles.

In addition to the cold fogger, Defining Wellness Centers uses air scrubbers to keep our clients and staff safe. Negative air scrubbing cleans and deodorizes environments that have been contaminated by air pollutants like dust, mold, viruses, and other harmful particles. Air scrubbers pull air and cycle it through a decontamination process, releasing it back into the environment only once it’s fully cleaned. Positive air scrubbing is used to keep areas clear of contamination. It pulls air from outside and makes sure it’s clean before releasing it into a controlled environment. This is important for medical facilities like hospitals. Defining Wellness Centers works to keep our air clean and contaminate-free to reduce risk of illness.

Defining Wellness Centers has a Hospital Grade Air Purification System. We know how susceptible individuals can be to environment and we have always provided a facility and program that focuses on wellness. This must take into consideration the air that we’re breathing, as it’s our sustaining life force. If we’re breathing air that’s filled with particulate matter that’s harmful to us, we’re not aiding in health and wellness. As a result, we installed a medical, professional grade HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. This filtration system is found throughout the facility and traps harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and infectious spores, meaning that the air we breathe is clean.

There are special chemicals that have been developed to combat the spread of Covid-19 and our team utilizes those chemicals when cleaning the facility. They have been proven to kill living coronavirus along with a host of other contagions. Our cleaning staff uses this chemical, which is not harmful to people, to stop the spread of disease. Wellness is our top priority and we’re able to offer a safe, healthy environment for all.

Medical Specialists on Staff

Coronavirus is a disease that in severe cases will attack the lungs and lung function. A subset of patients can develop respiratory illness and may require intensive care. A dangerous and potentially fatal condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) can cause significant damage to the lungs. It’s important to understand how Covid-19 can directly impact one’s lung function, and our physician, Dr. Resh, is on top of the latest research. Dr. Resch is also a board-certified pulmonologist, or a doctor who specializes in treating complex illnesses that affect the lungs.

Dr. Resch oversees client care and if someone does enter our program infected with coronavirus, we have the ability to isolate that patient and provide treatment on-site. Because of the size of our facility and the technological interventions we use, such as air scrubbers, cleaning agents, and medical-grade air filtration systems, the risk of transfer to other patients at the facility is minimal. We’re very cautious and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for clients and staff.

We are doing extensive screening prior to accepting clients into our program to best determine what their level of risk is. The reality is that in a behavioral health setting, our clients tend to already be immuno-compromised and are more likely to be carrying some sort of infection due to risks from substance use disorder. We treat every client appropriately when they arrive at our facility and monitor for any signs of illness.

Taking All Precautions

We take precautions every single day, not just when there’s a greater risk. There is a pandemic occurring and we’ve increased screening and taken additional precautionary measures in terms of limiting the number of individuals permitted on-site, ordering additional PPE, etc. in order to ensure the safety of everyone. Defining Wellness Centers has an amazing team and we continue to be here and available for those in need of substance use treatment. Prior to coronavirus, the opioid epidemic was one of the greatest threats the United States was facing. That threat has not gone away in the face of Covid-19. It may have gotten worse because so many are forced to isolate right now, and addiction already causes disconnection.

Defining Wellness Centers offers a safe community for those who need medical detox and residential treatment services. Our inpatient program is a resource now and always and we will continue to provide a safe environment and treatment services.

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