Wellness Amenities

Recover In Comfort

Taking the time to relax and nourish your needs is an integral part of the healing process. Engaging in the therapeutic work necessary to identify and heal trauma can be tiring, and you need an environment that focuses on restoration for your whole self. Defining Wellness offers high-quality accommodations for individuals in need of detoxification and treatment services. Whether you’re struggling with substances, fighting depression, or just need to recharge yourself, we can help.

Nature Heals

Our beautifully-appointed facility, is located on 26 acres, just outside Jackson, Mississippi. It sits next to a lovely reservoir with more than 100 miles of scenic shoreline. Here, you will find peace in the midst of the fragrant pines, enjoy the temperate weather, and embrace nature as you find wellness. You can fish, utilize our horse stables, a labyrinth or bicycle for miles. We also have a fabulous Adventure Park where you can have fun while testing your agility skills. At the end of the day, you can relax around the fire pit.

Gourmet Dining

Our on-site chef can produce a variety of options for you, taking into consideration your nutritional and dietary needs and requirements. We ensure that clients enjoy flavorful food that is both nutritionally balanced and pleasing to your palate. If you prefer to eat in your room, we can serve your meals privately.

Healthy Food | Nutrition | Dietary Needs | Delicious | Variety

Fitness Center and Sports

Our comprehensive fitness center offers a variety of activities to take care of your physical needs. Find your strength, literally and figuratively, by taking care of your body. Work with a personal trainer, engage in yoga, pilates or crossfit classes or utilize our gym featuring treadmills, stationary bikes, weight machines, free weights, and ellipticals. We also have indoor basketball and outdoor pickleball and volleyball courts.

Basketball Court | Pickleball | VolleyBall | Yoga | Pilates | Crossfit | Cardio Room

Wellness Lab

Technology is an integral part of our wellness program and a facility that sets up apart from other treatment facilities. We embrace the solutions that modern science provides, including red light laser therapy, which promotes cell growth, physical healing, and aids in healthy sleep patterns. Our oxygen therapy improves overall health, and our PEMF equipment speeds your body’s earlier adaptation of emotional regulation. Neurofeedback protocols are also designed around your needs so that your brain can begin to function in healthier and more efficient ways.

NanoVi | Normatec Boots | Vibroacoustic Chair | Alpha Stim | Red Light Therapy 

Spiritual Center

Our beautiful Spiritual Center is an ideal place to meditate, relax or pray. In fact, it can be anything you want it to be depending on your needs, interests and beliefs. Enjoy the gorgeous stain glass window and the art commissioned to local Jackson, Mississippi artist, William Goodman, entitled Gracing us with Love. As you exit the building, enjoy a simple but powerful reminder: Live by Grace, Not Perfection.
We also offer additional spiritually-based healing experiences including Indigenous modalities such as a Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge, Drumming Circles and Labrynith. There is no one way to healing the spirit. We offer you options that resonate with you.

Pray | Meditate | Worship | Clear Your Mind

Arts and Leisure

Sobriety offers you the opportunity to get to know yourself all over again. What do you love to do? Are there hobbies you once enjoyed that you haven’t done for a very long time? Are there artistic activities would you like to explore? We have a great Art Studio were you can let your creative side shine. A music studio where you can write songs alongside a professional musician who teaches healing through music. Perhaps you prefer something a little more competitive like ping pong, pool or air hockey. Whatever you’d like to explore, we’re here to encourage you to find some new passions.

Art Studio | Music Studio | Arts and craft | Ping Pong | Pool Table Air Hockey | Games and Puzzles |

General Store

Inside our dining area, The Kitchen Table, you’ll find a quaint general store. The General Stores has everything you want— and some things you didn’t know you needed!

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