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Those suffering from mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to developing substance abuse and drug dependencies. This process of “self-medicating” often creates or worsens mental health conditions. Our expert-level practitioners treat a wide range of behavioral health disorders and addictions. Our programs focus on science-backed research combined with experiential therapy to provide what we feel is the most comprehensive and sophisticated addiction treatment program available

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Location is important for positive emotional health and overall well-being. Defining Wellness Centers’ nature-filled environment encourages taking the time to breathe and enjoying the feeling of sunshine on one’s face, promoting a natural calm and bringing about a sense of clarity.

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Defining Wellness Centers guides each client as they integrate renewed personal purpose and the healthy habits learned in our program into everyday life. Our team focuses on inspiring people to make a commitment to their health and wellness. We’re here to help each client live their best clean, sober, and healthy life.