Which Rehab Level of Care is Right for You?

Roughly 21 million Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder. However, data shows that only about 10% ever seek treatment. Many people attempt to get sober on their own, but without professional intervention, it can be difficult to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, finding a professional treatment facility should be the first step towards recovery. 

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Addiction is different for everyone, and every individual begins their sobriety journey at a different place. Substance abuse treatment isn’t one size fits all, so before you start treatment, you’ll need to determine which program is right for you. Over time, you’ll transition to less intensive programs that help you stay committed to your sobriety for the long term. 

Medical detox

If you’re dealing with a severe addiction, medical detox is a good place to start. Your body might have a negative reaction to the removal of drugs or alcohol from your system. In fact, it’s common to experience side effects like hallucinations, fever, chills, nausea, and even seizures when your body withdraws from a harmful substance. In severe situations, withdrawing from drugs or alcohol on your own can be fatal.

In a medical detox setting, an addictionologist (an addiction medicine doctor) will oversee your case and monitor your body’s response to withdrawal. At Defining Wellness, each client gets their own room, and is monitored by our nursing staff around the clock. Our goal is to make your detox process as safe as possible.

Unlike traditional detox programs that rely on medication to treat symptoms, we use cutting-edge technology, like biofeedback and bioregulation, to keep you feeling comfortable. During your time in detox, you’ll be served nutritious meals that are prepared by our culinary team at The Kitchen Table. When you’re feeling well enough, we’ll get you set up with a health and fitness program that is catered to your personal goals.

Inpatient program

After successfully completing a medical detox, most clients start treatment in an inpatient program. We also recommend the inpatient program for anyone who is looking for a sober living option but doesn’t necessarily need to undergo detox first. Clients in our inpatient program live at our luxury treatment facility full-time while they undergo treatment.

For many people, the inpatient program is a life-changer because it allows them to live in an environment that is completely free of stress and triggers. The people, places, and situations that once fueled their addiction are no longer present. They can put all of their focus on recovery without distractions or temptations. 

During inpatient treatment, clients work closely with a therapist and psychiatrist to address comorbid mental health disorders, emotional issues, and traumas that have contributed to their addiction. Clients in our inpatient program also have access to our fitness center, Wellness Lab, various outdoor activities, and fun peer activities. You can even bring your mobile phone during your stay.

Partial hospitalization program

The next level of care is the partial hospitalization program (PHP). In a PHP program, clients transition out of full-time sober living and start to assimilate back into their regular life. PHP is the most intense level of outpatient treatment, so it’s also a suitable option for people who don’t qualify for sober living but need comprehensive treatment.

At Defining Wellness, clients in our PHP get treatment at our facility five days per week, for six hours each day. In addition to 30 hours of clinical therapy sessions, clients can also participate in family therapy and group therapy. While you’re at our facility, you get access to our high-end amenities, like the on-site fitness center, chef-cooked meals, pool, and massage services, just to name a few.

We also understand that there can be privacy concerns when you’re traveling to and from a treatment center most days. Defining Wellness caters to high-profile clients, including celebrities and athletes. If confidentiality and privacy are important to you, our staff can ensure that your anonymity is prioritized and respected during your time in treatment. There is also a private airport very close to our facility.

Outpatient program

After completing a PHP, the next phase of treatment is an outpatient program. However, anyone who is struggling with a mild to moderate addiction, and doesn’t need to enter a PHP, can begin their treatment at this stage.

In an outpatient program, people are well on their way to recovery, and are able to maintain their sobriety and overall health on their own. At Defining Wellness, we offer two outpatient programs—an intensive outpatient program and a traditional outpatient program. During outpatient treatment, clients visit our facility a few days each week to participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and peer activities.

A major focus of outpatient treatment is maintaining sobriety, which is why all clients undergo random drug and alcohol testing during this stage. Our clinical team is trained to identify the warning signs of a relapse, so we can address issues before they compromise someone’s sobriety. 


The final stage of treatment is an aftercare program, which clients can only enter once they’ve successfully completed prior levels of treatment. There are no therapy or group meeting requirements when you’re in an aftercare program. It’s simply a way to help people maintain their sobriety over the long term once they no longer need regular treatment.

At Defining Wellness, we work with every client to create an aftercare plan, which includes things like coping strategies, prevention planning, goal setting, and enrollment in 12-step programs. Clients who want to continue therapy sessions can meet with a therapist for periodic check-ins. We also encourage clients to continue with our Wellness Lab therapies post-treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Defining Wellness

At Defining Wellness, we offer a wide range of treatment programs that are designed to meet the needs of every client. We believe that it’s important to offer targeted and personalized treatment based on the person’s type of addiction, their history with substance abuse, and ultimately, their goals for recovery.

Our luxury treatment facility offers a suite of unique amenities, like an on-site fitness center with AI-based cardio workouts. Clients also get access to cutting-edge treatments from our Wellness Lab, like photobiomodulation therapy and neurobiofeedback.

Call us at (855) 790-9303 to learn more about addiction treatment at Defining Wellness.