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While it’s not ideal to find yourself in need of medical detoxification services, it is important to choose a detox program that is medically appropriate and will provide you the care that you need. Luxury detox programs often provide both five-star accommodations along with excellent medical and clinical care. Detox is dangerous and should not be attempted without medical oversight, therefore it’s important when considering a luxury program to find one that can accommodate your needs with the appropriate medical team to medically manage your withdrawal process.

When considering a luxury detox program, you’ll want to review the treatment team providing your care to make sure that you’re comfortable with them. Are the physicians credentialed, how much experience do they have, is there medical staff on-site 24/7, etc. All of these are important factors to consider when seeking a luxury detox treatment. You want to make sure that your needs will be met and your withdrawal managed in as comfortable a manner as possible.

During detox you’ll be spending a decent amount of time relaxing and letting your body recover, therefore you’ll want to make sure you have ways to keep yourself entertained. Are there televisions, do you have access to things like Netflix, can you bring books to read or a tablet for the duration of your stay – these are all factors to consider. Luxury programs will work to accommodate you while providing a safe environment physically and emotionally.

Diet is also important to consider, as while undergoing medical detox you’ll need nutritious foods that aren’t too heavy. Is there a chef on the staff who can accommodate your meals or will you be responsible for your own food? Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that there are private rooms available should that be something that’s important to you as you detoxify your system to get physically well.

Why Medical Detox?

Going to medical detox can be a scary decision to make, but if you’re considering it, you most likely need to go to get well. To have a clear mind and heal your body, getting the substances out of your system is important. The luxury detox program you consider should be empathetic to your needs rather than punitive – this is not a punishment, but rather something to be championed. Getting well is never a bad thing and it’s so critical that you have clinical support while detoxing.

Prior to admission, a luxury program will collect as much information as possible about your substance use history and mental health history, so as to be prepared to provide you the best care upon arrival to the facility. The treatment center will work with you and provide assistance when needed regarding the travel process. The goal is to make this a seamless experience from start to finish, with your comfort and safety as the top priorities.

When you arrive to the detoxification program, the Medical Director and their team will assess your needs and provide round the clock care to keep you comfortable. The Medical Director will conduct a medical history and physical to gather additional information, and the nurses and nurse practitioner will continue assessing you on an ongoing basis. The Medical Director should meet with you daily to make sure your medical needs are being met and you’re receiving the appropriate care.

As you stabilize and begin to feel better, the clinical team will become involved in order to help you set up a post-detox plan. This way you can determine what your next steps will be and line up the support that you need in order to maintain your sobriety and continue improving your overall health. Your body needs time to restore itself and taking into consideration dietary needs, physical fitness, and sleep patterns are all important parts of the process. During drug detoxification, the medical team will work with you on these areas, and the clinical team will then work with you to address your follow-up care for after you discharge from medical detox.

Luxury Detox Center

Location is an important part of selecting a luxury detoxification program. When concerned about privacy, choosing a location that provides private rooms and/or suites and is secluded is important. If you have personal or business matters to attend to while in the program, a luxury detox will provide you the space needed to conduct your affairs. If you’re flying in via private plane and wish to maintain your privacy, the program should work with you to arrange arrival and departure in the late or early hours of the day when things aren’t so busy. This protects your anonymity in the area and if the program is off the beaten path a bit, you have an added layer of protection from anyone who may recognize you.

Luxury Drug & Alcohol Detox at Defining Wellness Centers

Defining Wellness Centers is located in the southeastern US and provides a luxury setting. Offering private cottages for clients to stay in and featuring top-notch medical care, you’ll receive amazing treatment services in a beautiful setting. Our medical team is comprised of our Medical Director, two psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner, and RN’s and LPN’s that attend to our clients 24/7. The program combines healthy living, technology, and therapy to provide a well-rounded treatment approach.

Red light laser therapy is one of the technological offerings at Defining Wellness. The red light therapy helps to decrease inflammation in the body, improves one’s circadian rhythm, and promotes cell rejuvenation. This can be helpful when undergoing detoxification, with medical oversight, as it aids the body in healing itself earlier in the detox process. Our on-site executive chef will take care of your dietary needs and make sure you are well-fed with a variety of nutritious offerings to support your health and improve your strength. The medical and clinical teams are licensed and credentialed and provide a variety of therapeutic modalities through which clients can engage in treatment and focus on healing.

Consider Defining Wellness Centers for your luxury detox stay. You’ll experience the utmost in comfort, privacy, medical, and clinical care while in the program. The team helps you to create an aftercare plan for a seamless transition post-discharge. Our team provides you comfort and luxury while you undergo treatment, setting you up for long-term success. Please contact us at 833-392-9355 for more information on our luxury detox options.