There are roughly 30 million people currently diagnosed with an eating disorder. This includes anorexia nervosa, bulimia/diabulimia, and binge eating disorder. With the highest mortality rate of any diagnosed psychiatric condition, one person dies every hour from complications related to their eating disorder. Many eating disorders begin in adolescence and develop throughout an individual’s life. Trauma, physical health concerns, and life stressors can worsen this life-threatening condition. Defining Wellness Centers provides eating disorder treatment in a luxury environment. Eating disorders are traumatic in their own right and often arise as a response to trauma. Therefore, they are both born of trauma and bear trauma to the individual struggling with the eating disorder, as well as the loved ones who are concerned for their safety. Our exclusive program caters to each client’s specific needs. We provide a private, luxurious environment in which clients receive excellent medical and clinical care.

Who Do Eating Disorders Impact?

Eating disorders can impact anyone – they are not discriminatory in any way. Regardless of gender, race, age, etc., one can fall prey to an eating disorder. If someone has a history of trauma, it is more likely that they will experience an eating disorder. Eating disorders are never about the food, rather they’re always a result of underlying issues or traumas. They may form as a way for an individual to exert some facet of control over an area of their life. When we feel that things are out of our control and we can’t find solid footing, we try to manage what we can, and this can come out through a variety of behaviors and diagnoses. Our credentialed medical and clinical team works with each client to assess and develop a treatment plan for their eating disorder. Our small client census allows us the opportunity to work with our clients one-on-one to help them begin healing, and the group milieu fosters healthy connections and supports. Each client meets with our Medical Director throughout their stay to continue to manage their physical health, as eating disorders can often cause significant health risks. Our clinical and medical teams work together to provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment process.

Healing in a Luxury Setting

Restoration of self is important when treating eating disorders. Helping someone achieve a healthy weight is certainly important, but beyond the physical, we have to also address the emotional toll that an eating disorder takes on one’s psyche. Many times individuals struggling with disordered eating have an unhealthy view of self, and part of the treatment process is identifying that view and beginning to shift one’s thought patterns in a more healthy direction. While in treatment we work with each client to treat their eating disorder as well as any other diagnoses that may be present. This can include depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, personality disorders, etc. Our program is co-occurring and while the eating disorder is the primary reason one may have sought treatment, we work to identify all of the underlying triggers to implement an appropriate plan of action for moving forward.

Luxury Eating Disorder Treatment at Defining Wellness Centers

Wellness is about more than looking a certain way or behaving in a certain way. It’s a commitment to a new lifestyle in which individuals prioritize their needs in a healthy manner. Identifying healthy coping skills and implementing them is a really important part of the recovery process, as what one was doing prior to treatment was likely not positive. In addition to working on oneself and starting the healing journey, we also aid clients in addressing relationships with others. External pressures, perceived or actualized, can greatly influence someone who is in a vulnerable place. As a result, those who are struggling emotionally may be carrying a great amount of guilt or shame for their actions and might feel a great deal of judgment from loved ones for those actions. This is why family therapy is a really important part of the overall treatment process. When struggling with an eating disorder, individuals may isolate themselves away from those who care about them the most, and will try to institute distance and space as a way to protect themselves and their behaviors. Defining Wellness Centers facilitates family sessions for our clients throughout their stay, so as to involve loved ones in the treatment process. It’s important to have this interaction so that relationships can begin to heal and everyone can prepare a plan for when clients discharge from the program. Everyone involved has been impacted and therefore everyone needs to be part of the solution.

Contact Us For Help

The licensed medical and clinical team at Defining Wellness provides concierge service to clients in our eating disorder treatment program. Medically and clinically, we meet each client where they’re at and collaboratively develop a plan to begin making progress toward healthy outcomes. Our program is located on 26 gorgeous acres in the southeast, and we offer five-star amenities. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, call us today at (855) 466-4146